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Hunie !

Hunie (pronounced huhn-ee) is a new social platform that helps creatives to learn and improve their artistry through constructive peer critiques. It’s the brainchild of Guyanese designer and innovator Damian Madray, our friend who previously founded TheGlint and is always thinking about ways that talented artists can bring their work to the forefront.


Like most great ideas, Hunie seems so obvious that one would think it already exists, but Damian saw the opportunity to fill an important need for those with creative pursuits. The beauty of the age is that people can live and work anywhere and utilize the web to be discovered, but that doesn’t mean that they have access to mentors or even peers who can help them develop their craft. Existing sites in the space, such as Dribble and Behance are focused on simply showcasing portfolios, and while they offer a nice display to show off talent, there is a lack of constructive dialogue that truly inspires improvement and growth. Hunie aims to change the game and empower creatives. Here’s how it works:


First, you upload a piece of work and give some context about its purpose and your goal. Then, it is categorized and put on display. When other creatives see the piece, they offer constructive critiques that can be upvoted by annotating (with this function one can add notes to a specific area of the image). Hunie is not about fluffy feedback or compliments though you get that at times – comments are meant to challenge you to be mindful of your choices.

To be considered an expert on Hunie, you must have good “karma”, which is collected when you give sound advice. The more karma you have, the more respected you are in the community. Community is a key word. As with any social platform, Hunie will evolve as its members interact with each other and the space. Though it aims to attract professional and committed creatives, Hunie is not meant to be exclusive. The team hopes to make the site functional not only for designers but for artists of all mediums.


Right now, Hunie is in invite-only beta with about 200 creatives. Anyone can request an invite. So, pay it forward.