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The Coolest Geeks on the Planet

OK this post is personal. Joey Kotkins and Brewster Stanislaw are two of my very best friends – so close in fact, that if I was better at math and could play golf, I’d probably be their other partner. They are also some of the original supporters of The City. In fact, it was Joey who first said that I should be a writer, and Brewster, well he’s always been right there… figuring out a way turn my ideas into money. Tomorrow marks the debut of their new venture Approvee . It only seems natural that these cool geeks would take on the social media industry, and I couldn’t be more excited for the day that Approvee becomes a household name. I’m so inspired… it makes me want to pack up and take this company back to the real Emerald City, get offices next door to theirs {offices with windows}, and borrow their developers in exchange for sugar. Almost.

ps. if Brew recommends it, trust it.

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