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If I Had a Son; Reflecting on Gun Violence


George Zimmerman’s trial has begun, and people are reminded again of the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. This, along with the shooting at Santa Monica College, and the series of innocent lives taken by gunshot in between the two events really got us at Emerald City Arts wondering why people are snapping off? Why is it that we are a violent society? Ashley noted that although the public focused on how young Martin was, Zimmerman is only now 29 himself. In fact, it is generally males between the ages 18-30 who are committing these mass shootings. More than just the gun laws, there must be a cultural and social issue that needs to be addressed here.

We still are people who are controlled somewhat by the media. The media makes big, heavy splashes about these shootings when they occur for a few days, a week at most. Then they move on. And like good followers, we move on too. We forget. We forget, that is, until another horrific shooting occurs. So, then the question is how many more shootings need to happen before some significant change is implemented to break the cycle? News is fleeting, but art lives on. So although we cannot control the government or gun laws, what we can do is create art. That is why we created a film based on Trayvon Martin’s death:

If I Had a Son

Let’s all start asking questions. Two voices are louder than one.

- Christiana Cheon