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Gaining an Occupation


Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing protest that started on September 17th, 2011. The issues of this protest vary from rising tuition prices, the laying off of jobs, foreclosure of homes, and government matters. But overall it’s categorized as an “organized resistance movement” fighting against social injustice. The People’s Assembly is being used to organize this protest in different cities, NYC General Assembly being the one that represents New York. The event has obviously caused quite a buzz across the country and has become a tourist attraction for many visiting these major cities. With visits from celebrities such as Russell Simmons and Kanye West, the protest is getting tons of attention. Even though titled “Occupy Wall Street” the supporters aren’t staying in NYC alone. Updated the morning of October 10th, the Occupy protest has spread to 1,326 cities across the nation. About a week ago, the protest went global, spreading to cities such as London and Sydney. In Europe, the impact, support, and urgency has grown greater than in the U.S. UK leaders expressed that “the young have every right to be furious” and explain that plenty has gone quite wrong in the banking system. The numbers continue to grow and so do the supporters/violence. The NYPD has spent over $1.9 million in overtime hours to cover this event. Several people are being arrested daily as well as beaten and pepper sprayed. Nonetheless, people are still voicing their opinions. The amount of volunteers, food, clothes, tents, books and media equipment is all increasing by the day. The media coverage is amazing, considering the fact that not all major broadcasting companies choose to cover this history in the making. The people themselves are setting up media stations and streaming live from the streets. The fight is only becoming more powerful, with signs reading “I lost my job, found an occupation.”

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